Foreign enterprise Freshpack Solutions is a full cycle manufacturer of effective concepts for the packaging industry. 

Meeting the needs of domestic and CIS market is a priority guideline in our business since 2010 in the field of hi-tech barrier packaging production for food, medical and special purposes. 

The main objective of the company is focused on flexible and professional service of every customer. Any task can be solved quickly and individually. 

In the fast-growing packaging industry, we can not afford to produce mediocre products and provide services of average quality, that is why all our staff have high professional skills which they successfully apply in their work. 

We are open to cooperation. Our specialists are ready to answer all your questions.


Philosophy of the company

The principle of commercial success is a fundamental principle of our company that we strive to maintain in the long term for the benefit of our clients and staff. 

The foundation of this principle is confidence of our customers in that their needs will be satisfied to full extent. Using their own knowledge as well as engaging our partners to find optimal solutions, we are expanding the horizons by developing and introducing new products both on existing and new markets. 

Whatever we do, both within the company and for our customers – everything is permeated with the team spirit and principles of partnership. All this is achieved through an open respectful dialogue and mutual trust. 

Trust that arises between us and the client enables one to create high-quality solutions. 

Uncompromising commitment to quality – is a kernel element that connects our products, services and manufacturing processes. In particular it is quality, along with innovation that enables the company to achieve success.