Oriented polystyrene

Initially, the company "Multipack", founded in 1997, engaged in the production and sale of packaging materials on the basis of PVC shrink film.

The experience gained has opened up new opportunities and prospects for the fast growing company.

In 2001, "Multipack" is actively exploring the market for polymer films. The result of studies, it is the beginning of construction in 2003 of a new building for the organization of film production on the basis of polypropylene - BOPP.

However, the market makes its own adjustments - it became known about the plans to build several similar production facilities in the CIS. Top management "Multipack" cardinally and quickly adjusts the project. And already in 2006, a full-scale large-scale production of essentially new products for the CIS market - a biaxially oriented polystyrene BOPS film with a range of thickness of 25-800 microns and a mono-oriented polystyrene shrink film OPS with a range of thickness of 25-100 microns was established in 2006.

Today, "Multipack" occupies an important place in the market of packaging materials in the CIS with a market share of 50% BOPS film and is one of the most famous film producers in Europe.

A real breakthrough in the history of the company occurred in 2008 with the invention of the BOCPS film, which has real advantages for moulders.

The task was to create an original cost-effective film of a new level that allows to obtain non-traditional forms and packaging solutions due to its properties, replace the packaging association with cold polymer with a natural light variant close to natural textures, make packaging a part of the promotion and success of the packaged product.

"Multipack" begins with theoretical research - specialists calculate the necessary formulas, they search for ideal combinations of raw materials. The first steps were cautious. With the experience of research and search came the confidence in overcoming any obstacles.

The main advantage of the BOCPS film is the uniqueness of the texture of the molded products, the expensive appearance with a soft muffled radiance, exceptional tactile characteristics - the film is not associated with the polymer, but retains its advantages.

The unique production method and the three-layer structure of the material make it possible to form micro-voids in the central layer of the film, and give the unpainted material a texture identity and a pearly white hue. Painted material preserves the dignity and divides the game of texture into exclusive variants.
> BOCPS film production technology is "know-how" "Multipack". But they remain open and obvious as its physical and mechanical characteristics, where a low density (not higher than 0.70 g / cm3) makes the invention beneficial for moulders, as well as the advantages of texture for winning packaging solutions.

In addition, ahead of developments on the packaging market with a shift in emphasis towards environmentally friendly materials, since June 2009, Multipack has been actively promoting shrink-wrap OPS films to the markets of the CIS and Europe.

Obviously, cooperation with Multipack allows our partners to offer bright solutions to the market and to form new trends in the packaging industry.

Stages of the technological process

  • Storage, transportation by pneumatic feed system, unloading of raw materials
  • Dosing and mixing of components
  • Extrusion
  • Forming of the blank film
  • Longitudinal draft
  • Lateral stretching
  • Application of silicone coating
  • Film winding
  • Intermediate (technological) storage of machine rolls
  • Cutting the film to the specified size.