Т-shaped polymer stopper Alcopack® Type 8

Following the path of the leading alcohol brands, most of spirits manufacturers are fixing upon a t-shape stopper solution.

Anticipating this particular market trend, Alcopack launched the production of synthetic stoppers in 2010. Contemporary advancement of the chemical industry alongside with the next generation technologies in the foamed thermoplastic elastomer processing allows to create the leading-edge safety t-shaped stopper solutions to explore new brand image and achieve immaculate mechanical properties:

  • elasticity;
  • optimal slip ratio during closing;
  • durability and wear resistance.

Sourcing the raw material from the world well—established companies helped achieve a highest degree of the chemical inertness:

  • direct food contact approval;
  • no odor, or smell.

Alcopack is one of the few companies in the world to achieve a distinguished processing technology and superb quality consistency of
the t-shaped stoppers production. The state-of-the-art European rotary thermoplastic automatic machines with touch screens for injection parameter setup.

T-shaped stoppers in aluminium shells

  • lifetime experience in aluminium drawing/pressing and decoration;
  • quality offset printing (lithograph);
  • top aluminum shell debossing /embossing.
3D Model

T-shaped stoppers with a plastic top

  • relief molding;
  • exclusive shape plastic top.
3D Model

 T-shaped molded stopper

  • own mold production according to approved customized dimensions;
  • relief molding of both top and leg;
  • top tampo (pad-transfer) printing.
3D Model

This design is protected by a group of patents operating in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the EU countries. Additional information on patents is available on official request.