Peel & reseal closure

The current safety closure market could be well described with the saying «sub idem fere complex». The key market distilleries are in the ceaseless quest of a safety sealing solution being authentic but innovative, exclusive but simple and smart in terms of the costs effectiveness.

The peel and reseal closure from Alcopack is missioned to cater for the complex expectations of the contemporary market. Its design is a well-balanced mixture of authentic traditions and advanced quality performance, resulting in cost-effective value terms.

Since time immemorial, all the vital records and documents have been securely authenticated by wax seal, being the safety information supreme guarantee. Peal&reseal closure is produced with the state-of-the-art polymer materials, resembling the very wax seal proving the contents dependable safeguard.

The tamper evidence system is performed as the peripheral elastic tear-off ring securing gradually comfortable bottle opening ceremony.

The high precision injection molding allows producing the bespoken logo decor on top of the closure.

One of the distinctive closure design features is the simplified bottle capping - conventional axial closure snap-on onto the bottle, requiring no extra capping station unit or special unit introduction into the existing capping machine.





  • relief injection molding on the top of the closure
  • different colors and shades

This design is protected by a group of patents operating in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the EU countries. Additional information on patents is available on official request.