Corking devices

  • Many years of experience in the production of corking products.

  • The quality management system of the ISO 9000: 2001 standard in the enterprise allows to constantly optimize the production processes and the quality of the products produced.

  • The product portfolio of the company includes traditional corking products and is constantly expanded by new patented types of complex closures.

  • The presence of a closed technological cycle, starting from the professional development of the original layout of the design of the closure product, taking into account the features of the types of printing, to the prompt delivery of the finished product to the consumer.

  • Modern production planning system allows you to promptly inform the customer about the progress of the order.

  • Modern production equipment and unique technologies give the cork product the necessary individuality, and also meet the most stringent requirements of quality, time and market.

  • Technical support for the use of different types of corking products on the customer's production lines.

  • A qualified team of specialists integrates the consumer into the creative development of the author's design (corking prototype), turning it into a full participant in the process of creating a unique corking product.

  • Patent protection of intellectual rights "Alkopak" for all complex corking products isolates the consumer from claims of third parties.

  • The project for the withdrawal of new complex closures is being implemented jointly with the leading manufacturers of glass containers to ensure the flawless performance of the product.

This design is protected by a group of patents operating in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the EU countries. Additional information on patents is available on official request.